Pugs are like Lays Potato chips, you can't just have one!
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am more than happy to "Pug Talk" with those who wish to know more about my pugs or the breed in general.  However, I really do not like people to call or email me and ask me how much my pugs are. 

 I NEVER discuss price unless I have a puppy/adult to place and NEVER before I feel that you might be a good home for one of my pugs.  I do understand price is important...I get that, trust me.  But more phone calls go like this :  Hi do you have any pugs and how much are you charging???  I have not yet placed a pug with anyone where the conversation goes like that.

Before contacting me, know how to talk to a breeder.  Know that a reputable breeder wants to know what kind of family their dog is going to, how old children are, where the pug will be kept, what are their work schedules, what experience do you have with pugs, why do you want a pug, what other animals are in the home, etc.  

Getting a dog from a reputable breeder is not like shopping for a used car.  You can not negotiate prices.  And nothing offends me more than people who are price shopping.  I have worked hard to produce happy, healthy pups.  I have not cut any corners with regards to their care.  It does not take but a few seconds to know who sees that I have invested all that I can into my pugs and puppies and those who are out looking for a deal.  Craigslist and the newspaper are better suited for those shoppers.

If you have read the above and wish to talk to me about my pugs or pugs in general, feel free to email me at:

Bonny Allegro