Pugs are like Lays Potato chips, you can't just have one!
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HoneyPugs Puppies
December 18, 2018

 I do not have any puppies at this time or any litters planned before spring 2019.

I breed with hopes of bettering the breed.  I breed with focus on temperament, conformation to the AKC standard, and health.  Pugs are not without their own health concerns and issues.  Hip dysplasia, elongated soft palates, PDE, PK and other eye concerns, etc.  Please visit www.pugdogclubofamerica.com as well as googling health concerns for pugs.  Buying from a reputable breeder does not mean you will not have health issues.  While I strive to produce healthy pugs that will bring years of joy to families, it is impossible to predict what the future holds for any pug.  I am doing my best to know that history behind my breedings as well as testing for susceptibility for PDE.  However, nothing is 100% guaranteed.  Please do your homework with regards to pugs and health issues.  
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